A love of horses and equestrian sport combined with a passion for versatile, athletic performance wear is the philosophy behind Sakkara. Made in Italy, by experts in the field of equestrian apparel, Sakkara offers riders of all levels and disciplines the comfort and confidence to excel in any arena.

From The Founder

Sakkara is a picturesque countryside province on the outskirts of Cairo, bordering the Egyptian desert. It is where I spent my formative equestrian years at the stables, riding under sun and palm trees. In short, Sakkara is the origin of my story with horses.

Being a horsewoman has shaped much of my character, teaching me the importance of consistency, dedication and discipline. These principles helped me advance through local, national and international levels of competition in the show ring and on the polo field.

As a place, Sakkara is a continuous source of inspiration and motivation. It reminds me where it all started and I often draw on my time in the saddle when I am sketching designs, selecting fabrics or testing samples.

The brand is as much inspired by the place as it is by my quest to create performance wear that encourages riders to excel and enjoy their time in the saddle, as it’s namesake does for me to this day.