An exploration of the process and work of equine portrait artist Julie Ferris.

What does the horse symbolize to you?

JF: To me, the horse symbolizes things we as humans want to become. It symbolizes both the beauty and pain in this world and the freedom we all long for. The horse symbolizes all that is good, and inspires us to be better for them and for others. They symbolize the coveted bond and deep connection achieved through a continual building of trust in a relationship.
What do you seek to capture in every piece?

JF: I seek to capture meaning in my work; such as portraying a unique personality or nature of a specific horse. I want to give the horses I paint a certain realness about them. However, sometimes the purpose is to relay a message, any message, that has inspired or intrigued me like a certain emotion or idea while using the horse as a form of visual communication.
What do all your pieces have in common?

JF: The common theme in my work is the purpose of creation and using the horse as a visual language to communicate who they are and who we are.
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Ferris Studios
Atlanta, GA