Tess Carmichael is the picture of a "horse girl". She is besotted with her four-legged companions (equine and canine), glued to the saddle and can be found at the in-gate most of the year. She resolves to do better every time she enters the ring and it is this unwavering determination, combined with a deep love of horses and commitment to sport, that makes her a Sakkara partner rider.

Tess on determination and dedication:
“I’m a trier! I may not be the most talented or the bravest but I’m very motivated to be the best rider I can be. Also, my horses always come first!”
Tess on horsemanship:
“Horsemanship is everything - it’s not just riding but all the things that encompass the care and understanding of the horses. I do this sport because I just absolutely love working with my horses. I love figuring them out, learning their personalities, what makes them tick and how to get the best out of them. It’s about nurturing them, building a partnership, looking after them and trying to make them as happy as possible!”
Photography by Jade Knight
Oliva Nova, Spain