the debut

introducing sakkara

The concept

Since its inception, authenticity has been at the heart of Sakkara. For our inaugural campaign, we looked to capture an authentic representation of the essence of horsemanship. Set in the Arabian Horse Club in Amman, Jordan, the visual story for our first collection is characteristic of a typical show day; preparing for competition, moments of focus and intensity, together with the close interaction between horse and rider.

Our Subject | Maysam Bisharat

The face of Sakkara was chosen long before our first samples were created. Maysam and I have enjoyed a longstanding friendship based on trust, laughter and a mutual love of horses. She has an effortless elegance about her, whether in breeches or jeans and being an accomplished equestrian made her a natural fit for Sakkara. Maysam was twelve weeks pregnant while shooting the campaign and I cannot thank her enough for her patience, professionalism and support.

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